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Sealcoating in Columbus OH since 1958!

Did you know that Jet-Seal has been doing sealcoating and other asphalt maintenance for Columbus Ohio since 1958? Jet-Seal has an A+ rating with the BBB and have an A rating with Angie’s List; the highest rating they have. Jet-Seal is a recipient of their prestigious Super Service Award! As a leader in asphalt repair and seal coating, we pride ourselves in keeping parking lots and driveways in Columbus Ohio looking great!


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Residential Sealcoating
Commercial Sealcoating
Blacktop Sealcoating
Driveway Sealcoating
Commercial Asphalt Repair
Parking Lot Repair
Parking Lot Maintenance


Columbus Ohio Deserves the Best Asphalt Sealing Service!

Zip Code: 43230 – Area Code: 614 – Population: 33,248 people – Year Established: 1814

Columbus Ohio was founded along the Big Walnut Creek in 1849 by John Clark of Ross County from 800 acres (320 ha) of land that his father, Joseph Clark, had purchased from Governor Worthington in 1814.

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Jet Seal Asphalt Sealing exclusively uses a unique sealing formula by Brewer Cote


columbus OH asphalt repair and sealcoating

Jet Seal Asphalt Sealing is proud to serve the City of Columbus Ohio


Residential Asphalt Seal Coating in Columbus Ohio

Sealcoating prevents oxidation from the sun, resists gas, diesel fuel, oil, salt and other chemicals which break down the bond between the aggregate and the liquid asphalt -the composition that make up your asphalt pavement. It protects your driveway from damage caused by the winter freeze / thaw cycle that we are all too familiar with here in Columbus!

Driveway Maintenance in Columbus OH

Our Columbus residential prices start at $59 and the average neighborhood driveway averages under $100. Jet-Seal may or may not offer the lowest price but we are certain that when comparing “apples to apples” Jet-Seal offers the best value for your dollar. We don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality or design mixture of the product and our experienced applicators are the best in the business. We have several third generation customers in Columbus who will agree that using our services over an extended period of time will save you money and provide a safer, more attractive driveway.

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Blacktop Sealing in Columbus Ohio

Contact Jet-Seal Today for Residential Sealcoating. Routine driveway repair maintenance is key to keeping a beautiful driveway at your home. Sealcoating only costs pennies per square foot as opposed to dollars per square foot for replacement. Your driveway represents a significant investment. Protect your investment!

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Commercial Asphalt Sealing in Columbus Ohio

Our Dublin Ohio customers will tell you that a well planned pavement maintenance program will allow you to preserve and protect your parking lot investment. If you are in need of commercial sealcoating for your Dublin Ohio business, then call Jet-Seal today for an analysis.

Commercial Sealcoating

Our commercial pavement evaluation will take into consideration:

  • Current and future pavement conditions.
  • Maintenance and repair options for your.
  • Budgetary concerns.
  • Any other factors that assist in developing an effective maintenance plan.

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Commercial Driveway Sealcoating and Asphalt Repair

Your parking lot or driveway is the very first impression the public is going to have of your business. Contact Jet-Seal for Commercial Asphalt Repair Services in Columbus, because we always provide superior service at competitive prices. Remember, maintained asphalt will last up to three times longer and be up to seven times more cost efficient! If you need commercial asphalt repair in Columbus, then call Jet Seal!

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Parking Lot Repair and Asphalt Sealing in Columbus Ohio

Your parking lot is the first impression for your business. Jet Seal has been repairing parking lots for over 5 decades. Therefore you can expect our parking lot repair team to be well known throughout Dublin Ohio for our exceptional and experienced service!

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Parking Lot Maintenance in Columbus Ohio

Contact us today for a free evaluation. We have comprehensive parking lot maintenance programs which keeps your parking lots looking like new. We’ll work within your budget to save you money in order to keep your parking lot safe and attractive.

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Jet Seal Distance to Columbus Ohio

Jet Seal is your professional asphalt sealing Contractor in Columbus Ohio. We provide seal coating services to residential and commercial areas throughout Columbus OH. If your driveway or parking lot is in need of replacement, then call us today!