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Ümm Tiisetso III AvatarÜmm Tiisetso III
Life will surely teach you lesson before you will experience the good part of it, I have a bad experience falling from one scam to... read more - 12/12/2022 
Don AvatarDon
Easy to work with and worked around our schedule!! They did a great job on our driveway. - 10/11/2022 
Graham Sleet AvatarGraham Sleet
I requested a quote from Jet-Seal for residential services. They replied back within 24 hours with a very well-written email apologizing that they are not... read more - 5/21/2022 
Sherry Dotson AvatarSherry Dotson
Jet Seal just did our driveway. The tech was professional and did a great job. Sherry D - 9/30/2021 
Jeffrey D. Holtzlander AvatarJeffrey D. Holtzlander
I had Jet Seal out to sealcoat our asphalt driveway this summer. I ordered 2 coats of sealant since we had a new driveway... read more - 8/26/2021 
Calvin Williams AvatarCalvin Williams
I like the service i received except for one patch of the driveway where the sealing was washed away. I have contacted Jet Seal twice... read more - 7/26/2021 
Todd Sanford AvatarTodd Sanford
Excellent, look forward to using them next spring - 7/26/2021 
Ben Kunze AvatarBen Kunze
This is the 2nd year I used Jet-Seal. Last year I felt their product was superior over other competitors they was done on... read more - 6/26/2021 
Frank Campagna AvatarFrank Campagna
I found my recent experience with Jet-Seal to be highly satisfying, with exceptional quality, service and value.I’m a repeat customer because Jet-Seal has been consistently... read more - 6/26/2021 
Gary Binkoski AvatarGary Binkoski
We have used Jet-Seal for several years. They provide a great service level, competitive pricing and they do outstanding work! They were here this morning... read more - 5/13/2021 
kathie baumann Avatarkathie baumann
9/28/20: Update:After an over hour long conversation with the owner, he's coming out to fix and fill the cracks and reseal the driveway. ... read more - 11/26/2020 
the general01 Avatarthe general01
Original appt was set for a tuesday- they canceled due to rain in the forecast.Rescheduled for Thursday - canceled due to "problems" with their service... read more - 11/26/2020 
Tracy Treneff AvatarTracy Treneff
Can see the quality of the work is very nice, looking at work around the neighborhood. Thought I was scheduled for Sunday June 14 but... read more - 11/26/2020 
DJ Cercone AvatarDJ Cercone
I've used Jet Seal ever since I moved into my house 10 years ago. The crew that comes out does a nice job and... read more - 11/26/2020 
Rakhi Basuray AvatarRakhi Basuray
Had a great experience with Jet-Seal. Their pricing was better than others we had received quotes from and their work was better than that we've... read more - 11/26/2020 
Todd Worthington AvatarTodd Worthington
The entire experience from online request to payment was seamless! They were very responsive when I had questions about crack sealing. On game... read more - 11/26/2020 
Shannon Kowski AvatarShannon Kowski
Jet Seal did a great job for us recently resealing our driveway. They fit us in on a last minute cancellation. They answered all my... read more - 11/26/2020 
Elliot Smith AvatarElliot Smith
Provided an estimate within 2 hours. They were able to seal my driveway while I was out of town and the job looks perfect. Overall... read more - 11/26/2020 
Kay Porr AvatarKay Porr
The guys that came out were friendly and professional. Their work was done well. They took great care to not get tar on the... read more - 11/26/2020 
Kevin DiDonato AvatarKevin DiDonato
Excellent job and the guys did a great job. Had to come back 2 days later after it lightly rained and redid the second... read more - 11/26/2020 
Chris Litz AvatarChris Litz
Both of the techs were friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job and were done quickly. I'll definitely use them again next year. - 11/26/2020 
Aaron Ambrose AvatarAaron Ambrose
Good experience and the driveway looks good. The guys showed up on time made sure I was ready for them to start and did... read more - 11/26/2020 
Steve Sylvia AvatarSteve Sylvia
Always performs a great job in a timely fashion and has been very easy to work with. Prices are very reasonable! - 11/26/2020 
Ron Lovell AvatarRon Lovell
Outstanding quality of service at an excellent value. The professionalism and responsiveness was excellent! - 11/26/2020 
FDT Group AvatarFDT Group
Happy with the final result we have on 2 commercial parking lots. Very professional. Definitely recommend! - 11/26/2020 
James OBrien AvatarJames OBrien
great service I would use them again. if you need a good driveway seal job this is the company. - 11/26/2020 
jim durieux Avatarjim durieux
I've used these folks for years. Always professional, top notch service! Highly recommend. - 11/26/2020 
Wendell Faris AvatarWendell Faris
Responsive and did a great job. This my second seal job with Jet Seal. - 11/26/2020 
Chris Miller AvatarChris Miller
Jet seal was very prompt, professional and my driveway looks great. - 11/26/2020 
Stacy Smith AvatarStacy Smith
The team did a great job! They'll be #1 to call in the future. - 11/26/2020 
Nan AvatarNan
Fantastic job, great price, quality product - 11/26/2020 
Michael Thornton AvatarMichael Thornton
Good experience. - 11/26/2020 
Sarah Jorgenson AvatarSarah Jorgenson
We used Jet Seal to replace our driveway and they did a wonderful job! The company is easy to work with and the crew was... read more - 10/06/2020 
Mandy Fowler Aquilina AvatarMandy Fowler Aquilina
Great service! We’ve used Jet Seal 2 years in a row and they provide great service, are prompt, and very friendly. We definitely plan... read more - 6/29/2020 
Jaynie Taylor AvatarJaynie Taylor
We had a great experience with Jet Seal when it came to sealing. We did two coats at their recommendation because we had never had... read more - 11/26/2019 
Tina Kimber AvatarTina Kimber
Overall I am very pleased with the work and customer service.Scheduling was a little challenging but their services are weather dependent. Once we got... read more - 11/26/2019 
Dana Irwin AvatarDana Irwin
Jet-Seal did a very good job at my place recently. I would definitely recommend them. I thought the way to contact them and... read more - 11/26/2019 
Pete Bonfini AvatarPete Bonfini
I have used Jet Seal the last few times I have needed my driveway sealed and they consistently do a good job. Arrive on... read more - 11/26/2019 
Richard C AvatarRichard C
All the work I put in patching my old driveway paid off when you covered it with 2 coats of sealant, applied more consistently and... read more - 11/26/2019 
Joey Liu AvatarJoey Liu
Jet-Seal and Ted are great! Ted responded promptly and addressed any of my questions in a satisfactory way. The coating job was done... read more - 11/26/2019 
Bridgette Forson AvatarBridgette Forson
This company is very professional and polite. They did an excellent job and I would recommend them to anyone! I look forward to having them... read more - 11/26/2019 
sam baran Avatarsam baran
These guys are great. I had two parking lots done by them. The crew was very professional, organized and clean. There was nothing left for... read more - 11/26/2019 
C. Batt AvatarC. Batt
They did a great job. Communication was great through out the entire process. All questions were answered and service was done well and on time.... read more - 11/26/2019 
Barby Smith AvatarBarby Smith
Jet Seal came out quickly and did a spotless job!!! We have concrete on all four sides of our driveway and not a drop of... read more - 11/26/2019 
Ashley McNeal AvatarAshley McNeal
They did a great job sealing my driveway. They were also friendly and accommodating. We will definitely use Jet Seal in the future! - 11/26/2019 
Tim Dennis AvatarTim Dennis
They did a great job. Even moved a huge flower pot I had in the corner of the driveway. It had to be 300lbs. Thanks... read more - 11/26/2019 
Frank Campagna AvatarFrank Campagna
Exceptional quality, service & overall awesome experience! - 11/26/2019 
Ann Sproule AvatarAnn Sproule
Easy scheduling, good communication, excellent work! - 11/26/2019 
Aaron Miller AvatarAaron Miller
Great communication and great work. Thank you! - 11/26/2019 
Jon Cox AvatarJon Cox
Excellent quality work and reasonably priced - 11/26/2019 
Sarah Hartman AvatarSarah Hartman
Our only other experience with sealing the driveway left us discouraged with the results of sealing and afraid our driveway would not ever look good... read more - 11/26/2018 
Sandy Metzler AvatarSandy Metzler
We had multiple communications with Ted and Jet Seal prior to scheduling the job because we were considering full replacement instead of sealing our poor... read more - 11/26/2018 
Greg H. AvatarGreg H.
The person who answered the phone was very nice and followed through when I asked about having it double coated. I wasn't really expecting... read more - 11/26/2018 
Jon Kruse AvatarJon Kruse
Solicited estimates from 3 companies. Jet seal was in the middle on pricing but competitive with the lowest. Selected them to perform the... read more - 11/26/2018 
Doug Smith AvatarDoug Smith
This is the second time that we have used Jet-Seal to seal our driveway. Very easy to do business with. Great customer service.... read more - 11/26/2018 
Ebony Johnson AvatarEbony Johnson
They did a wonderful job on my property. I was very pleased with the quality of work, affordable pricing, and customer service. I will refer... read more - 11/26/2018 
Scott Fredrickson AvatarScott Fredrickson
We've used Jet Seal twice and both times they have been great to work with. Pricing is reasonable and their customer service is top notch. - 11/26/2018 
Mike Kiene AvatarMike Kiene
Very professional service. Provided a free and pain-free estimate and delivered on the exact quote. Would highly recommend. - 11/26/2018 
Jill Hampshire AvatarJill Hampshire
They did a fantastic job and customer service was top notch. Driveway looks like new. - 11/26/2018 
Kathi Godber AvatarKathi Godber
Very neat and professional job sealing my drive. Thanks!!! - 11/26/2018 
Barbara Hopkins AvatarBarbara Hopkins
I was very pleased with Jet- Seal driveway service received - 11/26/2018 
Sarah Hartman AvatarSarah Hartman
Our driveway looks so much better! We have had it sealed in the past by another company but were not impressed with them or their... read more - 10/08/2018 
Amy Cornwell AvatarAmy Cornwell
Our driveway looks new again, thanks Jet-Seal! Photo in comments. - 6/29/2018 
Patti AvatarPatti
Jet-Seal did a great job on our driveway. We live in a new built Condo and my neighbor and I joined forces and had... read more - 11/26/2017 
B.J. White AvatarB.J. White
I was not home during the time the services were rendered. I left my credit card information with them ahead of time. My neighbor observed... read more - 11/26/2017 
Rush Fielding AvatarRush Fielding
Jet Seal did a great job for 5 condo's here in Dorchester Green--Blacklick, Ohio. They gave us estimates over the phone, phoned us to come... read more - 11/26/2017 
Chelsea Mohrman AvatarChelsea Mohrman
Very impressed with their work. Both my husband and I agreed that we should have had this done years ago. We had been putting off... read more - 11/26/2017 
J Madru AvatarJ Madru
I was pleasantly surprised at the appearance of the driveway after Jet Seal finished their work. I feel that because of their expert application,... read more - 11/26/2017 
Vicki Day AvatarVicki Day
The response to my request for a quote would was both professional and timely. The quote was reasonable and once I decided to move forward... read more - 11/26/2017 
David Kahler AvatarDavid Kahler
I have used Jet Seal for several years now. I like the Jet Seal product better than regular sealer. It does not track... read more - 11/26/2017 
Sophia Haws AvatarSophia Haws
I've tried several seal-coating companies for my different properties in Columbus and I think I've finally found the BEST. These guys do a fantastic... read more - 11/26/2017 
DJ Wray AvatarDJ Wray
Jet-Seal responded very quickly to my quote request and was out at my home to seal my driveway the following week after receiving the go... read more - 11/26/2017 
James Harrison AvatarJames Harrison
The BEST seal-coating business in Franklin County. I've always been very impressed with the quality of their work and with the technical knowledge of the... read more - 11/26/2017 
Georgia Glunt AvatarGeorgia Glunt
They were great to work with and my driveway looks so nice. I really appreciated being able to speak to a person in the office... read more - 11/26/2017 
Mary Sigler AvatarMary Sigler
I'm very happy with the work done by Jet-Seal. They arrived at the scheduled time and finished the job quickly and neatly. My driveway looks great! - 11/26/2017 
Kayvon Padidar AvatarKayvon Padidar
Have used them several times over the years and every time they have done high quality work and have been very accommodating. Highly recommended - 11/26/2017 
Excellent service. Very satisfied. We have used Jet-Seal for the last six years they are terrific. I highly recommend them. - 11/26/2017 
Danna Blackburn AvatarDanna Blackburn
Communication was quick and professional; driveway looks great! I'll definitely continue to use Jet-Seal in the future! - 11/26/2017 
Wendy Person AvatarWendy Person
I want to give this company and excellent rating. Their product is great. Great service! We will use again! - 11/26/2017 
Jill L. Davis AvatarJill L. Davis
Fantastic work! Very easy to work with, prompt service. Thank you!!!! - 9/06/2017 
Courtney Rard Fett AvatarCourtney Rard Fett
Jet-Seal gave us great service with their high quality sealant. Our driveway looks great. Thanks to Ted and his team! - 5/15/2017 

Reviews from Angie's List

 Other Reviews Written about us

I have to tell you – this has been the best seal coat job I have ever been involved in. I will highly recommend you to other managers. Thank you so very much!

-Villas at Foor Farms Condominium Community, Pataskala, OH Senior Community Association Manager Real Property Management, Inc., AAMC®, AMO® An Associa® Member Company
Aimee Myers, CMCA®, AMS®

We are impressed with the quality of work, response to calls, and courtesy shown by contacting us about weather delays, etc. I am glad we connected.

-Terry Barber, MD   |   Westerville, Ohio

Your knowledge and honesty was very impressive. Other companies led us to believe our driveway had to be sealed every year. By using Jet-Seal we save money and our driveway has never looked better.

-Scott Anderson   |   New Albany, Ohio

I will never use Ameri-Coat again. Jet-Seal’s product looks better and lasts longer. The crew is courteous, professional and pays attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier!

-Stephen Courts   |   Hilliard, Ohio

Jet-Seal is the only asphalt maintenance company we would ever consider.

-Kathy Watt, John Dawson Insurance Agency
Treasurer, CPPA Condo Association   |   Columbus, Ohio

I just wanted to express my appreciation for a spectacular job by your company. The attention to detail that Ted showed in his application makes me feel lucky that I found your company and I will DEFINITELY suggest you to my neighbors! Thanks so much for a job extremely well done.

-Dan Suitor   |   Lewis Center, Ohio


-Cherie Gutches   |   Westerville, Ohio

Jet-Seal presented me with a maintenance plan and a quote for the immediate needs of parking lot repair at our condominium complex in Columbus, Ohio. I was 100% pleased with the price and the quality of the work performed. This is a gated community of mostly proffessional residents who pay for and expect the highest standards in all aspects from our property including maintenance. There is only one entrance/exit, so the work had to be completed in a very timely manner since the residents had to park off site during the sealing and striping phase of the project. From start to finish (two days) it was so well coordinated that we had nothing but praise from the residents. Jet-Seal’s performance earned our long term business.

-Kevin Michael, MFA Communities