Hilliard, Ohio

Jet-Seal Provides Hilliard with Quality Sealcoating at Affordable Prices

Jet-Seal offers sealcoating services to homeowners, condo associations, apartment complexes, businesses and places of worship. If you are searching for a quality asphalt service company who you can trust, look no further than Jet-Seal. For sixty years Jet-Seal has been sealcoating driveways and parking lots and making friends in many central Ohio communities along the way. Over the years the company has witnessed a lot of change in the industry including product and equipment improvements.

If you are searching for a quality sealcoating application, make sure to do some research before hiring a contractor. Research the company’s name on the internet. In today’s digital world there’s a lot of information available. If you can’t find the name of the company on the internet, stop right there. Is the telephone number local? Some legitimate companies have 1-800 numbers but also have local numbers. Beware of companies using only a 1-800 number. Does the company run its business with a cell phone? It’s difficult to run a business without a land line. Does the company have a website? If not, there is a reason and it’s most likely not in your best interest. Look closely at the equipment. What shape is the tank holding the sealcoat? If it is square, beware. Tanks designed for sealcoating have an agitation system, paddles controlled by hydraulics to continuously mix the product. Plastic tanks are a no-no, so send those people on their way. If someone knocks on your door with a story of having “left over material”, buyer beware.

Sealcoating products will last a long time before going bad. Jet-Seal has been in business since 1958 and the only time we’ve had to dispose of extra material is in the fall when temperatures are dropping well below freezing. Don’t bite on a “today only” special. If an asphalt maintenance company is legitimate they won’t pressure you to “buy” today.  Jet-Seal is an accredited member with an A+ rating but the BBB keeps files on those who aren’t members as well. Just because a “company” is in the neighborhood and serviced your neighbor’s driveway doesn’t mean they are legitimate.

Sealcoating products are water-based, and it can be difficult to assess if the product has the correct amount of water added or five times too much. What looks great today may be gone after the first rain. If the price seems too good to be true it probably is. Get a written quote and if the price changes without an approved change in the scope of the work, call the police. Don’t enter an agreement to pay “by the gallon”. Legitimate sealcoating companies have a pretty good idea of how much product will be used on large parking lots, they certainly know how much sealcoat a driveway will consume. Ask for proof of general liability insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation coverage. A legitimate business will be glad to supply that information.

If you still aren’t sure, give us a call. We’ll be glad to assist you. Most of the time we can give you a pretty good idea of cost over the phone and we know all the legitimate asphalt contractors in the area. Jet-Seal is a third generation, family owned and operated business. Allow our family to help yours!



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