Why Jet-Seal Chooses Brewer Cote® Asphalt Sealer

The quick answer to why Jet-Seal uses Brewer Cote® is because it simply lasts longer. Let’s break down the reasons that make Brewer Cote® pavement sealer “The Best in the Business.” Brewer Cote® is a 100% refined tar emulsion pavement sealer.  Unlike the asphalt it is designed to protect or pavement sealer made from asphalt, refined tar emulsion pavement sealer resists…

The Advantages PolyCote® Premium Grade Pavement Sealer

Premium Pavement Sealer System Defined You may ask; What is a premium grade pavement sealer system, isn’t sealcoating just sealcoating? What Is Traditional Pavement Sealer Compared To A Premium Grade Pavement Sealer: When coal tar emulsion is purchased from a pavement sealer manufacturer or authorized distributor, it comes in a concentrated form resembling pudding. The manufacturer then suggests certain mix…

Brewer Cote Sealant

We proudly use Brewer Cote asphalt sealer on our parking lot maintenance and repair jobs! For more information about Brewer Cote check out: http://www.thebrewerco.com/

Our Customer Guarantee

The Jet-Seal name is built on customer satisfaction and principles of quality and value. Jet-Seal is a Columbus sealcoating leading applicator of 100% coal tar emulsion.

Testimonial 2

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for a spectacular job by your company. The attention to detail that Ted showed in his application makes me feel lucky that I found your company and I will DEFINITELY suggest you to my neighbors! Thanks so much for a job extremely well done.” – Dan


“We are impressed with the quality of work, response to calls, and courtesy shown by contacting us about weather delays, etc. I am glad we connected.” -Terry

Columbus Parking Lot Repair

Are you in need of parking lot repair? Parking lot repair is a large part of our business here at Jet-Seal. No matter the size of your business, your parking lot represents a significant investment. The safety and appearance of your parking lot is a direct reflection of your business. Call us today!