Why Jet-Seal Chooses Brewer Cote® Asphalt Sealer

The quick answer to why Jet-Seal uses Brewer Cote® is because it simply lasts longer. Let’s break down the reasons that make Brewer Cote® pavement sealer “The Best in the Business.” Brewer Cote® is a 100% refined tar emulsion pavement sealer.  Unlike the asphalt it is...

The Advantages PolyCote® Premium Grade Pavement Sealer

Premium Pavement Sealer System Defined You may ask; What is a premium grade pavement sealer system, isn’t sealcoating just sealcoating? What Is Traditional Pavement Sealer Compared To A Premium Grade Pavement Sealer: When coal tar emulsion is purchased from a pavement...

Brewer Cote Sealant

We proudly use Brewer Cote asphalt sealer on our parking lot maintenance and repair jobs! For more information about Brewer Cote check out: http://www.thebrewerco.com/

Our Customer Guarantee

The Jet-Seal name is built on customer satisfaction and principles of quality and value. Jet-Seal is a Columbus sealcoating leading applicator of 100% coal tar emulsion.

Testimonial 2

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for a spectacular job by your company. The attention to detail that Ted showed in his application makes me feel lucky that I found your company and I will DEFINITELY suggest you to my neighbors! Thanks so much for a job...