Top Benefits of Seal Coating Your Driveway or Asphalt Pavement

It may come as a surprise that many property owners, maintenance workers, and Columbus area homeowners have a little understanding with regards to the importance of seal coating. Asphalt pavement in simple terms is rock or stone held together with a binder which is also known as asphalt cement. Through the distillation process of some crude oils, the adhesive is formed. Keeping this binder in good shape is important for maintaining the overall quality of asphalt surfaces.

Factors like U.V. rays, chemicals and rain can cause damage of the binder hence degradation and brittleness of asphalt. To reduce the harsh effects of these elements, it will be of importance to come up with a maintenance strategy that uses seal coating to lengthen the life span of your parking lot or driveway. That in mind, it’s important to note that there are three basic types of seal coating products used today in climates such as Columbus, Ohio:

Coal Tar: This type is primarily based on a substance that is a by-product of steel manufacturing, impurified coke, and tar. Since it’s considered durable and resistant to gasoline and oil than asphalt based products, it has become the most preferred type of sealant. It is especially preferred where there will be heavy traffic and exposure to petroleum products.

Asphalt Emulsions: This form is based on crude oil and is a mixture of pigments, chemicals, and fillers. Its odor is quite minimal, and it does not contain bothersome chemicals, therefore, making it easy and safe for application. The emulsion prevents environmental factors that may come into contact with the asphalt to damage it.

Acrylics: This type of product can be produced in different colors, and it is usually considered a specialty product that is more expensive. It is used for sealing driveways, golf cart paths, particular parking spots, or other places where clients want the pavement to stand out from the rest.

The Benefits to Seal Coating

There are benefits to seal coating in Columbus, such as:

  • Minimize Repair – Sealcoating reduces the necessity for asphalt fixes Keeping your driveway maintained regularly can help prevent more costly damage
  • Weatherize – Sealcoating helps weatherize asphalt and prevents weather damage.
  • Limit Oxidation – Sealcoating inhibits oxidation of asphalt.
  • Increases Overall Beauty – Sealcoating boosts the appearance of asphalt pavement.
  • Destruction Resistant – Sealcoating helps asphalt resist damages from gas, oil, and salt.Ask The Experts:Pavement contractors carry out the responsibility of pavement maintenance for some commercial facilities. They offer a variety of services from crack repair, to resurfacing, pothole repair, and {other forms of asphalt repairs. But, one of the main tasks that paving companies perform is sealcoating. With a proper and well-timed application, sealcoating frequently completed, hand-in-hand with crack filling, and asphalt repair can increase pavement life past the post where the cost to profit proportion of added pavement life surpasses the expense of performing the maintenance itself!An adequately installed, high-quality sealcoating product will protect your car parking’s asphalt from gas, oil, weather and traffic wear. If asphalt is not property seal covered or, not covered at all, cracks can start developing in the asphalt, which may then lead to the formation of potholes. How often should you sealcoat Asphalt? You should seal coat your new asphalt as soon as it begins to turn grey or 90 days after installation. If your asphalt has already been seal coated before, it is best to apply the sealer again every 3 to 4 years. This depends on the extent of damage of the previous applications. It’s also not advisable to sealcoat severally as too much voids will be formed in the sealer leading to cracking in the long run. It is essential to let the old sealer wear off before proceeding to apply new sealer. For excellent results, seal coating should only be undertaken by a specialist paving and seal coating company.

    Cost of Sealcoating in ColumbusAsphalt pavement sealing costs are dependent on more than simply a calculated method on the basis of square footage. There are several variables to ascertain the cost of sealcoating such as: quantity of cracks to be filled, potholes to be restored, number of coats required, and exactly how much labor is necessary. Ask your best Columbus paving service company (Jet Seal) to stop by your home or business to inspect the region to be seal coated. They will thereafter be in a position to offer you a free quote.