Tire Marks on your Driveway? Don’t Panic!

So, you just had your driveway sealed and it looks fantastic. You waited the recommended 24 – 48 hours before driving on it and…oh no, tire marks! Don’t panic; when temperatures and humidity levels rise, the sealer can flash dry upon application.

Tire Marks on the Surface of the Sealer is both Normal and Temporary

When the sealer is applied on a hot surface the portion of the film touching the driveway or parking lot can dry immediately then the hot sun beaming down on the surface of the film can flash dry as well leaving water trapped in the middle. These conditions combined with turning the wheels of your car when it is not moving or possibly maneuvering the car to get into the garage can lead to tire marks.

You have a good coat of Sealer

The good news is that you received a good coat of sealer. A product with a high amount of water won’t leave tire marks but a sealer with high solids content, (what is left on your asphalt after the water dissipates) possibly under the above conditions, can. Approximately 90% of the curing process takes place within the first 24 hours after application. The remaining 10% can take up to several weeks.

Why we should NOT apply more Sealer

Imagine golf balls placed throughout the entire surface of your driveway. These golf balls represent molecules. As the product fully cures these “golf balls”, the molecules bond to form a solid film and typically the tire marks go away. If this happens the worst thing we can do is apply more sealer in an attempt to cover the tire marks. It will aggravate the situation. Be patient and if by chance the marks don’t go away we will come back after the weather cools and perform any touch up required. Keep in mind our status as an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating and a multiple Angie’s List Super Service Award recipient. We will make it right, whatever it takes!

The Proof is in the Product: A Letter from The Brewer Company

Mr. Ted Lovell
Jet Seal Asphalt Services
6500 Sunbury Road
Westerville, OH 43081

Re: Power Steering Marks on Newly Applied Sealer

As Spring turns into Summer and temperature and humidity levels increase, power steering marks are a common sight on newly laid sealer. These markings are mainly caused by tires turning in a tight area (such as in and out of a garage or pulling into a driveway) or twisting a tire with a vehicle not yet in motion. When temperatures (and therefore asphalt surfaces) are high, the sealer will flash fry both on the bottom of the film from the hot pavement and on the surface of the film due to the hot sun. This traps a layer of water that takes even longer to dry, thus causing the sealer to be soft for a longer period. High humidity levels also retard he curing process. Fortunately, once the sealer fully cures and reaches its full harness, 90% of these markings fade from sight.

The best way to minimize power steering marks on fresh sealer is to stay off it for as long as possible. We have always recommended 24 hours, 48 hours would be even better. Also, try to minimize hard turns and turning your tires when the vehicles are not in motion. If your customers would like to talk to me regarding this subject, please feel free to have them contact me at 800-394-0017, extension 4902.


The Brewer Company

Dan Massman
Territory Manager
Pavement Maintenance Division